Arpimex Srl

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Designed to bring the vibrancy of nature to life and the simplicity of fresh flowers, the ancient florist also includes Easter decorations, furnishings, accessories and accessories that can give a touch of innovation to the home. Details that make precious and unique space occupied, designed to create environments in keeping with the personality of those who live there.

A collection dedicated exclusively to Christmas and its unmistakable magic. The contrast between warm colors and cool colors, the admirable coexistence of red and white contribute to creating its typical atmosphere.


Natural look silk flowers, realistic tones and shades thanks to the newest technologies

applied during each manufacturing process.

Crafted to give  a touch of nature to our homes, to provide harmony in villas, hotels or events, or simply to recreate one of the most fascinating power that surrounds us : the beauty of  Nature in its each single shape or colour.

Designed to be essential for designers, floral artists, visual merchandisers, architects and interior landscapers.