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About Us

About Us

Our company deals with artificial flowers and plants, furnishings and accessories. Born in 1977, its distinctive feature has always been the strong family footprint and attention to those who work for us. This is now a major expansion in the international market.
Strong with a more than thirty years of experience, we are always mindful of the new floral design trends. We offer our customers high quality products both for materials used and for innovative aesthetic solutions.

In 1977, ARPIMEX SRL was born with the goal of developing a young artificial flower industry.

With more than thirty years of relationships with the Asian world, over time, it has gained considerable importance in the field of decoration, linking commercial relationships to major European markets.

Distinguished over the years for its attention to who works with it, the ARPIMEX family has developed various micro-sectors in the world of decoration, and thanks to a trend study, it annually delivers its collections with new products that give elegance to any space Modern housing.

The three striking sample rooms available have the sole purpose of transmitting the emotions that professionals in the industry need to create enchanting environments.
Visit us at our site at Interporto di Nola, or request a visit from our agents, who work every day throughout the territory.